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1. General stuff
The site contained documents, images and software (site content) are the property of Ágnes Hincz (author). The author has right to change site content any time. The site content can be used, copied and printed. Yo can publish site content with declaring the author, but can not be changed, modified, adopt. The images and multimedia software can be used under same conditions.

2. Software
The published (downloadable) software are the property of the author. Their usage, distribution, and copy is free. Any modification and business distribution is possible only the writed permission of the author. The author is not responsible for any kind of damages using the software.

3. Artworks
Artworks published in the site are the property of the author, if the web-page of the artwork does not inform differently. Reproductions and descriptions can be published with declaring the author. The distribution of the software is the right of the author, if the web-pages of the artwork does not inform differently.

4. Registered Trademarks
Registered Trademarks mentioned in the site are the properties of their registered owners. The site mentions Registered Trademarks only with informative purpose. The author does not earn money for showing any Registered Trademark, and the author cancel to publish them, if their owners has problem with it.

Any copyrights question will be answered by the author .