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Frequently asked questions

Before sending an e-mail with a question, pleas read the FAQ, maybee you find the answer.

1. Are the pictures for sale?
Yes. If you want to buy a picture, please contact with the curator of the exhibition: Balázs Faa

2. Is the entrance free?
Yes, the entrance is free both the exhibition and the opening ceremony.

3. Need an invitation to participate in the opening ceremony?
No. Anyobody can participate.

4. How long is the opening ceremony?
This depends on the opening speech. Nowdays a long speech is encountered as an unpolite action. After the opening you can stay or go, as you want. After the speech te public is invited to a glass of wine.

5. When will be the exhibition open?
The exhibition is open: 10th of September 2002 - 6th of October 2002, 14.00 - 18.00, but not on Mondays.

6. One can take a photograph in the exhibition space?

7. Need I wear a suit on the opening ceremony?
Not need, but not prohibited.

8. Is there a parking place at Óbuda Cellar Gallery?
The Fõ square is closed for cars. But parking is free the small streets around.

9. How can I go to Óbuda Cellar Gallery?
See the Traffic Map.

10. What kind of computer is required to run the ivitation CD-ROM?
The CD-ROM requires Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows XP operating systems, and minimum 800x600 pixels resolution screen in 24-bits color-depth. To navigate you need mouse or keyboard.

11. Is there a printed catalogue?
There is no printed material about the exhibition. The invitation CD-ROM contains many images and texts.