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  • Exhibition
    Invitation to the exhibition of Ágnes Hincz
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      Traffic map to aproacch the exhibition.
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      Frequently asked questions (and answers)
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      The sponsors of the exhibition
  • New drawings
    New drawings of Ágnes Hincz - overview
  • Ludy-series
    Ludy-series, series of six drawings - overview
    • Drawings
      The drawings of the series
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      See more details on the fourth drawing of the series.
  • Texts
    Interviews, articles, CV, list of exhibitions - overview
    • About my drawings
      by Ágnes Hincz, 1998
      "Drawing is not representation but the joint work of the brain and the hands."
      "I think art starts with the facility of the hands."
    • Curriculum Vitae
      Here is my biography.
    • Exhibitions
      (short) list of my exhibitions
    • Drawings of Ágnes Hincz
      Balázs Faa, 2002
      "My first impression in connection with the drawings was "unexpected".
      "They are both calculated and free."
      "They are two, or rather, one dimensional from a theoretical point of view"
    • There is no secret
      interview with Ágnes Hincz
      Nõk Lapja (Women' Paper), 1999
      "drawing requires the mind to participate,(...) the cold, rational mind"
      "There is no secret"
      "If somebody is struggling with pictures he cannot complete what s/he wants."
      "Hungarian contemporary art is like a televison that nobody watches."
      "I cannot adjust myself to others... "
    • Image without text
      interview with Ágnes Hincz,
      Edna Rijek, Beeldende Kunsten, 2001
      "I am not interested in its [drawing's] ontological references."
      "The drawings are not accompanied with texts."
      "I am mainly interested in the form of the drawings."
      "(...) art theory always has a narrative role."
      "They are just pictures without text."